Design-Build and Workspaces

This section of the CDIO iKit is in the following two parts:

  1. Design-Build Experiences
  2. Workspaces

It addresses the following goals:

  • To concentrate on the essential attributes of CDIO workspaces and design-build experiences
  • To provide guidance on the implementation of design-build experiences and appropriate learning spaces

These goals are consistent with CDIO Standards 5 and 6:

Standard 5 — Design-Build Experiences: A curriculum that includes two or more design-build experiences, including one at a basic level and one at an advanced level.

Standard 6 — CDIO Workspaces:
 Workspaces and laboratories that support and encourage hands-on learning of product and system building, disciplinary knowledge, and social learning.

Experienced CDIO collaborators recommend these resources to address the key challenges about design-build and workspaces issues in your CDIO program(s).

For specific inquiries regarding design-build and workspaces issues in your CDIO program(s), please complete and submit this form.

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